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Economics of Less Developed Countries

The module outline is as follows:

  • Contemporary Theories of Economic Development
  • Policymaking: What Role for the State in development?
  • The Role of Institutions in Development
  • Aid: Does it work?
  • Trade: Engine of growth or obstacle to development?
  • Domestic and International Finance: Opportunities and instability
  • Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability

The main Department of Economics webpage for this course is available here.

Module Resources

Module Outline

Lecture Notes 1: Contemporary Theories of Economic Development

Case Study 1: Growth Diagnostics

Lecture Notes 2: Development Policymaking 

Assignment 1: Group Presentation

Assignment 2: Essay Assignment 

Lecture Notes 3: Institutions

Case Study 2: The Natural Resource Curse

Case Study 3: Democracy 

Lecture Notes 4: Aid

Lecture Notes 5: International Trade

Lecture Notes 6: International Finance 

Lecture Notes 7: Environment