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Economics of Less Developed Countries

The module outline is as follows:

  • Contemporary Theories of Economic Development
  • Policymaking: What Role for the State in development?
  • The Role of Institutions in Development
  • Aid: Does it work?
  • Trade: Engine of growth or obstacle to development?
  • Domestic and International Finance: Opportunities and instability
  • Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability

The main Department of Economics webpage for this course is available here.

**Please note that tutorials this semester will take place at Thursday 11am (2.04 in Aras an Phiarsaigh) and Thursday 12 noon (2.03 in Aras an Phiarsaigh). You should attend one of these times.

Module Outline

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

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Tutorial 1

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Tutorial 2

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Tutorial 3

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Tutorial 4

Final Lecture