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Economics of Policy Issues

The module outline is as follows:

  1. Voting – Median Voter, Majority Voting, Political Competition, Voting on Redistribution
  2. Social Justice – Insurance, Moral Hazard and Social Justice without Government
  3. Entitlements – Attributes and Consequences, Old Age, Health Care
  4. Choice of Taxation – Optimal Taxation, Capital and Other Taxes and Fiscal Federalism
  5. The Growth of Government and Competing Views on the Need for Government.

The main Department of Economics webpage for this course is available here.

Module Materials 

Course Outline

Lecture Notes 1: Voting

Assessment Details

Lecture Notes 2: Social Justice

Tutorial 1: Policy Analysis Paper

Lecture Notes 3: Entitlements

Lecture Notes 4: Optimal Taxation

Lecture Notes 5: The Need for Government